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Don Henderson <maramu48@...>

Thanks for your comments. Can you describe the size and positions of the baffles? Are they welded to the sides and bottom? Are there limber holes at the bottom corners, or is there a space between the bottom edge of a baffle and the bottom of the tank?

Jim Dernehl <> wrote:
You are correct, that the lack of access ports in these well made
stainless steel tanks must be addressed at some point on every boat.
Diesel will shed crud---living and dead---that must be removed. I
addressed this issue on my Amel by having a series of access ports cut
in the lower part of the tanks between each baffle----about 4-5 ports
were cut. Each port is large enough to reach through with a brush and
vacuum hose. The fellow who did the work for me claimed to pull from the
tank about 12 gallons of crud accumulated over a 9 year period. Next
time I am at the boat, I will take some pictures and send them on with
dimensions. It is very important to seal these ports with gasket and
solid sections of stainless steel that will take the normal strain of
sailing with out leaking.

James Dernehl
Maramu # 88 PAO-SAN


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Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 6:48 AM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re:Maramu fuel tank

To the best of my knowledge this is one of the flaws in the Maramu
design -
there isn't any.

We have the same issue on our Blue Song - so far fortunately it hasn't
become an issue !

Has anyone had an inspection opening made for the Maramu fuel tank ?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

Fair Winds,

Jochen Hofmann

Maramu # 143 Blue Song

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