Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Photos of complete fuel pre filter and also auxillary 75 gallon fuel tank.

James Alton


   I am fine with heel when the boat is sailing, but I find a static heel at anchor or dockside to be quite annoying personally so I tend to do a lot of moving things around when needed to level the boat.  Heeling to windward in light air on the stb. tack really feels really strange to me.  (grin) It is so great that Amel put the water on centreline so that as it is consumed or filled, there are no heel changes.  A symmetric solution for fuel so that consumption or refilling would not change the heel of the boat would be nice to have I think.  I am considering an auxiliary tank to Port to partially accomplish this and extend the range a bit.  

James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

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I suspect we have different denunciations of what constitutes a "little" heel! Any deviation from even trim I consider unacceptable for sailing performance, especially in light air. Of course if you feel you need 120 gallons of extra fuel you might not be doing much light sir sailing!

If you boat does not heel to port when you put over 600 pounds on the port side she must heel to starboard when that fuel isn't there. Just rules of physics!

Bill Kinney
SM160 Harmonie

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