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James Alton


   Having sailed a lot of dinghies in light to no wind conditions, I totally agree with what you are saying about a windward heel in light air hurting performance.  Besides helping the sails stay filled, a bit of heel to leeward generates some weather helm which effectively puts some beneficial camber in the keel/rudder coupling.  A windward heel will cause the coupling to generate additional lift to leeward which isn’t too productive unless you like going sideways. (grin)  I guess if the heel isn’t much and it’s a cruising boat the difference probably is not all that meaningful so for me it is mostly just that I prefer my boat to be level when not in motion.  

   Actually I love to sail in light airs and carry a good inventory of light sails.  The mizzen staysail is one of my favourite sails on the Maramu.  I like the idea of not carrying all of my fuel in one tank just in case..  True, you can carry your spare fuel in jugs that are needed to ferry fuel in certain places but the fuel seems to find a way to get out far too often for me to feel comfortable carrying much in that manner.  I feel that having more capacity can be a good thing since when you find a source of clean/inexpensive fuel you can capitalize on that and not have to go dockside as often.  And you never know when a situation might arise where you are required to motor a lot more than expected.  I don’t see any downside to having more options.


James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

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Heeling to windward in light air doesn't just feel strange, it really cuts down on performance. A classic trick for sailing small boats in light air is to move crew weight to the leeward rail to force a "proper" heel. Gravity then helps pull the sails into a good airfoil shape even when the wind is too light to lift the sails on its own. Heeling to windward will make the sails collapse at higher wind speeds than they will on a flat boat. 

But we all have our own ways of sailing. For anybody who feels that the range from the stock diesel tank is insufficient I am guessing that sailing performance in less that 5 knots of wind is not a big concern. 

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