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I have the number of the sensor that I use to replace my burned out one . Unfortunately it is on Kimberlite in the Caribe and I am in NY.

If you don’t get the number by April 19. Please send me a note and I will send you the number.

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Hi fellow Amel Owners:  


I have reviewed the most recent discussions about replacement of the inductive chain counter sensor on the SM windlass.   By the way per the manufacturers specification sheet the MTTF (mean time to failure) is 1076 YEARS,  I don't think so.  At any rate the last time I replaced mine was 8 years ago using the then available IB5076 sensor.  I am aware that the IB5076 originally used by Pochon is no longer in production.  It was a three wire, cable-lead, DC NPN (transistor type), 34 mm diameter by 72 mm length sensor who's output functor is "Normally Closed".    There are several alternatives available:


IB5072  which is identical to the original but it is a "Normally Open" output function.


IB5124 which is identical to the original except it is a two wire unit that has terminals rather than a cable for connection (posing a bit of a sealing issue), is listed as "normally open/closed programable"  (whatever that means) and that Bill Rouse of BeBe indicates he has installed leaving the brown wire disconnected and it works.   


I suspect that the Pochon display just counts plus and minus pulses and it really doesn't matter if it is normally open or normally closed, but rather just each change in voltage will trigger the counter display.  



1.  Has anyone installed the IB5072 inductive sensor (three wire) and can report on if it functioned normally?  I need feedback specifically on the 5072  sensor.

2.  Does anyone have a schematic or wiring diagram for the original three wire hook up as installed by Pochon?   I am curious why they had three wires when it seems the brown wire isn't needed or is tied to the black wire (both being L+) per the Efector diagrams.  


As usual we are here trying to reverse engineer this system a bit. 


Gary S. Silver    s/v Liahona     Amel SM 2000  #335   Puerto Del Ray Marina, Puerto Rico

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