water separator filter on Santorin

antonio scipioni

Hi owners, is Vagabundo calling.... I want upgrade my old water/gasoline separator to a new parker system. You can see in the first and second pics my actual installation: One old decanter with two IN and two OUT hole; in one of this there is the eberspacker pump. In the new "racor" instead I have only one IN and one OUT...so I have to chose where install the eberspacker suction duct, you can see in the last pics my solution. I have fear that in my installation the heater pump could create problem to the engine in the case If it finish gasoline inside the filter. I upload the pics on facebook and on the group.
QUESTION: wich is your opinion? Will eberspacker such from tank ? Or from the filter ?!?
Thanks and Fair wind
Amel Santorin 108 "vagabundo"

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