Re: water separator filter on Santorin

Craig Briggs

Hi Antonio,
On our Santorin we kept the original Perkins water/diesel separator and added the Parker Racor fuel between that and the engine. That way you do not disturb the line to the Espar heater and you retain the water-in-fuel electric warning sensor that is in the original separator, which will light a warning light on the engine control panel. 
That being said, I see no problem with your installation. The Espar pump is such a low volume pump that I can't see it sucking fuel from the engine side, which is totally closed. And, if it is running when the engine is running it would still not draw from the engine side.
Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris

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Hi owners, is Vagabundo calling.... I want upgrade my old water/gasoline separator to a new parker system. You can see in the first and second pics my actual installation: One old decanter with two IN and two OUT hole; in one of this there is the eberspacker pump. In the new "racor" instead I have only one IN and one I have to chose where install the eberspacker suction duct, you can see in the last pics my solution. I have fear that in my installation the heater pump could create problem to the engine in the case If it finish gasoline inside the filter. I upload the pics on facebook and on the group.
QUESTION: wich is your opinion? Will eberspacker such from tank ? Or from the filter ?!?
Thanks and Fair wind
Amel Santorin 108 "vagabundo"

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