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Ian Shepherd

Hi Gary,

I managed to run the water maker fitted with the new control board today
with a brand new set of membranes. The unit worked fine as far as the
electronics were concerned, giving a green light after exactly 2 minutes of
high pressure operation. You will recall I said that I said that they built
a two minute delay into the new board for commonality with the old board.
The TDS reading of the water produced was 340 ppm which is marvelous
compared with an off scale reading on the failed membranes.

So the board did previously do exactly what it was supposed to do. It dumped
the water overboard as soon as it detected a problem with my membranes and
activated the bad water LED.

I did experience another problem. To be exact, yet another leaking end cap,
this time at the hose connection end. Water had got pass the two 1.5mm x 9mm
o-rings and eroded the nylon, creating a serious leak. This was my 5th end
cap failure in just over 200 hours of operation! My end caps are white. Has
anyone else had a similar problem? Amel say that it is very rare! I don't
believe them.

I have unfortunately now got to go to a funeral in Switzerland Gary, so I
won't be able to photograph the new board till I get back at the end of the
month, but I will do so as soon as I can.

NOTE for John Abercrombie: John I have replied twice to your e-mail and it
has got bounced. Do you have another address please?


Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

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From: amelliahona
Date: 10/09/2007 18:34:32
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Watermaker Dead

Hi Ian:
Thanks for your reply. Wonderful to hear how well the new board is working.
A couple of questions:

"I am not sure if my new board does contain an automatic reverse flush or
I received no documentation. "

Would it be possible to post a photo on this site of the new board? Feel
free to
put it in the Dessalitor Technical Folder. I have posted a wiring diagram
in that file of the new board that was provided to me by Dessalator.

Thanks for the description of your tests. Well done.

" When I spoke with their sub contractor (an Englishman), "

Could you please provide a phone number so that I could contact him?

"Incidentally, the failed one(s) lasted only 13 months, even with
meticulous back flushing."

Any thoughts on why the seeming premature failure?

Thanks again for your input.


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