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There is no switch between the rudder angle sensors, each is dedicated to one AP computer.  There would be no way to switch them, they are proprietary. 

The old Raymarine unit has a dedicated gyrocompass, and gets other NME0183 data from an output on the chart plotter.  The new B&G unit gets wind, GPS, and heading from instruments on the NMEA2000 network.

In short, a failure of an electronic compass, or rudder angle sensor would take down the associated AP computer as well, but leave the other functioning.

In would be possible to bridge compass data between networks, and probably rudder angle data as well, but at a cost of more complexity and more things to go wrong.

I really like the flexibility and sophistication of the NMEA2000 system, BUT it is hard to set up a truly redundant system with the single data backbone.  The network itself is, at least in theory, susceptible to the failure of any of the components connected to it. I remember with fondness the combination of electronic autopilot and mechanical windvane on my old boat that shared no parts at all and were completely independent of each other in every way, everything is a compromise!

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How did you switch the rudder reference transducer , the seatalk connections and the gyrocompass from one autopilot computer  to the other?

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