Watermaker filters

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

It may or may not be relevant but I replaced the saltwater filters
recently using a 30 and a 3 micron filters. The 3 micron one was too
much drag on flow and resulted in the reading on the top meter to
fluctuate wildly from normal to very low and the sight tube was showing
a continuous flow of bubbles which may perhaps have been air leaks past
the end fittings or somewhere else. I changed the fine filter to a 5
micron one which solved the problem although my ppm meter now shows a
reading of 580 instead of the previous figure of about 450.
I do not know at what level one should worry. the 580 is about the same
as tap water in Malta which is claimed to be safe. We have done a blind
testing with bottled water and neither of us could tell which was which.
When we collected the boat seven years ago Olivier told us not to
bother with sterilising and so we never have without any untoward
effects. The product water at 100 or 200ppm is so pure that it will not
nourish pot plants and indeed we met a French boat in the South Pacific
with a dozen people on board and it was their practice to add sea water
to get some minerals into it.
So we are not psychotic about ppms but wonder at which level bacteria
can pass the membrane.

Must go, time for a drink, regards, Anne and John SM319

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