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Isn't that the truth!

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I do hate it when problems "fix" themselves.  

You can't reproduce it to troubleshoot, but you KNOW it's going to happen again.

Bill Kinney
SM160 Harmonie
Ponce, PR

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Hello Olivier and Bill,

The problem "fixed itself" a couple of days later, about two weeks ago.

Again, the problem lasted for about 3 days, humidity was low, it had not rained for weeks, we had not taken any waves, we had not stressed the winches, seas were nearly flat, winds were very modest.

On the Amp use scale, no load on winches:

Starboard winch ("was problem"): starts at 43 amp, then 42, then 41.9, 41.8, 41.7...

Port winch ("perfect"): starts at 48 amp, drops quickly to 42, then 41.9, 41.8, 41.7...

Port "sounds" stronger.  Both now pull the genoa just as well under load.  We sail almost every day.

Thanks again,

SM2K #350 (2002)
At anchor, near Budva, Montenegro

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