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Why am I wrong Steve?

I said that I bought some from Amel...AND, I bought some from Amel some years ago when I was placing a routine order for wear bushing parts. I think I bought 12 of them from Amel for about 5 euro. 

I also said the Goiot did not make them. Before I ordered them from Amel I sent a photo to the USA distributor of Goiot. They told me that they did not make them. 

I think that I am wrong and/or mistaken at times, but I cannot understand how I am wrong with what I said in this thread. 

Am I right?


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On Mar 26, 2017 19:57, "Stephen Davis flyboyscd@... [amelyachtowners]" <> wrote:

Bill R is not wrong very often, but he is wrong about this. This is from the Rig Rite web page, and again, I purchased some of these recently from them:

Rubber Hold-open Knob w/ washer: Goi PT-KR:
Rubber Hold-open Knob is mounted on Cabin wall or ceiling and used to hold Ports open. Unit is 38mm OD x 20mm high and is mounted with (1) 5mm screw. Rubber base washer (34mm OD) is included. Used with Round and Larger Goiot Tradition Ports.

Steve Davis

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On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 8:18 PM, greatketch@... [amelyachtowners] <> wrote:

Any idea who did make them?  Since La Rochelle doesn't have them anymore...

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