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We used 10mm Plexiglass brand because it supposedly scratches less. We picked a gray tint. We tried to pick a tint darkness about the same as a 54 or 55. Yes, visibility is slightly changed, but it was not an issue for us and far outweighs the advantages in full sun...And you can always open the helm side. We also had sunbrella sunscreens made for the front, that allows opening the port side. We also cut new lock-downs for the port side. With the groove for the D gasket, the notching, and beveling required for the port side, you may want to consider a pro. Our total installed costs for 4 pieces plus the latches was about 900 euro, however I was told the guy increased the price about 200 the next time. 

I am not sure which sealant was used. When you remove the sides and the starboard front, you will see that about 1" is painted. This is important to get the right look. 

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Hi Bill and all: 

I am preparing to replace my dodger windows due to crazing.  I measured the existing plexiglass (aka acrylic, perspex) and it is 10 mm thick (equivalent to 0.3937 inches thick.  The closest available here on the western side of the Atlantic is 3/8 ths inch thick = 0.375 inches thick.  Difference of almost 19 thousandths of an inch.  I don't have much choice but it worries me a bit that structurally it isn't as strong as the original.  Any thoughts?

Bill, as you used something other than clear plexiglass did you find that detrimental to visibility at night?  I have seen a few boats with the smoked plexiglass and they do look cool and I suspect are less susceptible to crazing.  What are folks thoughts on that?

What sealant have folks used?  I am seeing the Dow Corning 795 is recommended by many.  Thoughts on this?

Thanks for the thoughts on using gel coat to mask the edges of the plexiglass where sealant  interfaces.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences. 

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