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I am really very surprised that Dave Huffman, the broker, the Volvo mechanics, and Nigel Calder never asked if the propellor was clean. The number one cause of the symptoms you mentioned is an overloaded diesel engine. The number one cause of an overloaded diesel on an Amel with an AutoProp is growth on the blades...even a small amount of growth. Growth causes the blades to pitch too much, biting too much water and overloads the engine.

Also, from my experience, people like Nigel Calder who make imperative and absolute statements like "...should never smoke and is indicative of a serious issue," are only correct the majority of the time and usually provide good advice for gamblers. I hate gambling.

So, I will ask you: Is the propellor clean?

The other thing that I sometimes hear from experts is that the H6 AutoProp is too large or too small. Evidence that it is correct for a SM and a 54 is that over 600 Amels are operating with them...I believe that fact is much more credible than anyone's opinion.

Lastly, some of the Volvo D-3 110 have issues that sometimes even experts cannot figure out. If you own a good one, you will love it...if you own a bad one, good luck. That said, the chances of that Volvo being a good one are very high because based on the hull number, that engine was probably made in Volvo's 4th-5th year of production of the D3 110.

My advice, thoroughly clean that propellor and try things again.



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I’m not sure why you would trust the opinion of a group member rather than your own instincts and opinions of the expert mechanics? You seem convinced the boat has an issue and I seriously doubt even the most knowledgeable members of this group can guide or are willing to guide you down a particular path.  


If this is the boat for you, then reach a deal with the owner. Or, cut your losses and look for another boat.



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