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Ian Shepherd

Hello David,

I believe that TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. Yes it measures the
water purity by immersing two probes in the water and taking a measurement.
Quite what is measured, I don't know. Gary Silver is the man to tell you. I
would guess it is the conductivity of the water?

There are many instruments on the market, some hand held and others in line
with the water maker output hose. Hanna Instruments sell a variety of
instruments, but you need to be careful that you buy one which covers the
correct range of readings applicable to marine water makers. TDS is normally
measured in parts per million or PPM. You want one that will read up to
about 1000 ppm. I got mine on E-Bay.

Hope that this helps.

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

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From: Dr. Goodman
Date: 19/09/2007 19:11:59
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Watermaker Dead

Forgive my ignorance--What is a TDS reading, and how is it obtained.
Presumably it has to do with water purity?

David Goodman
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