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Warren Traill

Hi John. We have a 1980 Sharki. Hull #15. The main sail is raised using the original stainless steel halyard and winch on the main mast. It has no furling system and uses the slide method as described by James.

It is as per original.





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   Having sailed mostly on boats without furling of any kind due in part to my perceived  unreliability of many of the non Amel furling systems I was actually looking originally for a pre 1985 Maramu with the original rig with slides.  There isn’t much to go wrong.  Not as much to maintain and you can end up with better sail shape due to battens and a positive roach.   I ended up with a latter 1987 Maramu with the in mast furling however and it did not take me long to realize the advantages of the Amel furling system.  The Amel furling system on Sueno seems to be very robust and adjusting the sail area from the cockpit when the spray is flying without anyone having to go one deck is a really nice feature.  Perhaps others can confirm this but I do not believe that Amel built a furling system for the main and mizzen that sits outside of the spar for the Maramu as you describe so I suspect what you have described is an after market product.  The transition was from the traditional track and slides to the in mast furling from what I have learned thus far.  Personally, if I had bought an older Maramu, I would have stayed with the original Amel track and slides which I am sure work fine.  


   Best of luck with your search.


James Alton

SV Sueno,  Maramu #220


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Dear Amel Collective,


Firstly I have been lurking ion the background soaking up as much information as I can from the group as it is my intention to buy a Sharki or Maramu within the next couple of months.


Some of the boats I am looking at have the older mainsail furling set behind the mast whereas others have the in mast furling as seen often on more modern boats. In my quest for knowledge I seem to recall a comment by another group member that the earlier mainsail furling was troublesome compared with the in-mast version, and I guess Amel changed it for good reason. I now can't track down this comment and hence this post!


Whilst I would probably prefer the Sharki, would it be better to get an in-mast furled Maramu instead of an older furling system Sharki or are both systems actually perfectly sound?


I very much look forward to your expertise and comments.





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