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No photo needed, I got the picture!  That sounds exactly what I am looking for while sailing. Simple, and elegant.

Funny you should mention the Hydrovane... I had just added one of those to our boat's "Wish LIst".  You are happy with it?  It's installation is something I'd like to see a photo of when you are aboard again!

Bill Kinney
SM#160 Harmonie
Ponce P.R.

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When I bought my boat I found two small (ie dinghy size) pulleys in a cockpit storage bag by the wheel. I realised that these attached to two pad eyes, one on the footwell on the starboard side of the wheel and one low down on the side of the of the port locker.
The pulley systems each had a snap hook on one end to attach to the pad eyes, and a stainless hook on the other which fitted on to the spokes of the steering wheel. It is a simple single purchase with a simple jamming pulley at one end. Clipping them on and off is simple, but I can adjust them and jam them off once I have the course/sail trim correct. It locks the wheel solidly - for me it's for the Hydrovane to steer efficiently. The diameter of the pulley cord is around 4mm just to give you a notion of size. I had tried bungy chord, but there is too much potential play.

Sorry, I am not on the boat at present or I would post a picture. PS no damage to leather spoke covers.

Ocean Hobo. SN 96

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