Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] AMEL 54 -electronicle Problems with VW Marine TDI

Mark Erdos



Check for:


1.     Water flow into the engine from the strainer to the water pump

2.     Check transmission cooler (if equipped)

3.     Check raw water pump (impeller, wear, rotation)

4.     Check heat exchanger for blockage (most likely to be the cause if engine overheats with load but not in idle)

5.     Check after cooler for blockage (turbo engines only)

6.     Check coolant thermostat

7.     Check belt tension for coolant water pump

8.     Check engine temperature sensor


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there must be some more Amel54 Owners with a VW Marine TDI Machine. I can start the Engine but after 5 seconds it stops and the sign for the preheating is blinking.

the fuel injection Pump was checked, the VW service computer told us there is no ?? error.

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