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Maud just sent me two new motors for our outhaul and main mast furler and they were roughly 750 euros each.  They are Leroy Somer MBT82M where my originals were MBT86M.  They seem to have the same specs, but are physically smaller and lack the easy access brush caps of the original such that the brush assembly must be removed to access or change them.  I have to find someone hat can mill plastic to that I can machine a new collar that goes between the motor and gear box and to which the white plastic shell clamps.  Hope that may be helpful if you look towards replacing the motor.

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Normally the first time this happens to an Amel owner it is the breaker in the forward cabinet port side, V Berth.

Have you checked that?

The electromagnetic switches (solenoids) for the Main Mast Furling are very heavy duty in the Super Maramu and I believe may NEVER fail. It is located behind a Velcro'd panel in the forward shower.

If it is not the breaker, my guess is it is the motor or jammed gearbox. 

You said that you "replaced motor brushes and liberally sprayed motor with contact cleaner to no avail." I would not do that because most of the "contact cleaner" I know of is conductive, and if you liberally sprayed the motor with conductive material, I think you know what happens. For this reason, I always recommend only CorrosionX because CorrosionX is non-conductive, but it increases the conductivity between contacts. There is a difference.

You may want to get SAV at Amel to send you an outhaul motor, or maybe there is an Amel nearby who happens to have a spare.



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Yesterday my main outhaul stuck with a fully opened mainsail.  In order to roll sail up I was forced to disconnect line from outhaul hub.  So far I cannot determine whether gearbox is jammed, motor failed or solenoid failed.  System failed with fully open main after several minutes  of outhaul use in order to fully unfurl main.

I did replace motor brushes and liberally sprayed motor witn contact cleaner to no avail.  Only symtopm - other than imobile shaft - is clicking sound coming from forward head which I assume to be solenoid.  From my youthful auto experience I would diagnose this as bad solenoid.  Has anyone else had such a failure?  Was solenoid the culprit?  



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