Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] rigg of santorin when should it be changed?

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Hi Christoph,

 Your insurers will probably tell you that a 20 year old rig should be changed.  When I asked the question of Olivier Beaute, whose knowledge of Amels is second to none, he advised a change after 30,000 miles.

 We had done 60,000 miles at the time, in 16 years.

 When we took our old rigging off it looked fine, but I am glad to have rerigged.   Do bear in mind the comments previously made by Joel Potter that in all his years representing Amel he has never come across a rigger who could properly rig an Amel first time. We came back from Greece to have Pen Azen rerigged in Hyeres by Xvoiles, on the recommendation of Amel. They really understand an Amel rig. You would be amazed at just how much tension they put into it. Two guys worked together to tighten the fore and aft stay.

 They took both masts off the boat, checked them thoroughly, and we are delighted with their work.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 St Mandrier, France

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staying in Turkey ölast year  the guys there told me that the meanwhile twenty year old rigg is broken and should be changed. costs: 10000.- Euro !!!!!!!

now I checked the rigg in Sicily - no damage found, no rost -   the rigger was impressed because of the quality.

He told me to do the following repairs:  nothing!!  :-)

what is your experience - after twenty years- change or not?

thank you all for your ideas...


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