Re: rigg of santorin when should it be changed?

Craig Briggs

Hi Christoph,
    I see Bill R also replied at the same time as I did. If you do not want to do this yourself for about 5000 Euro with original quality from ACMO, there is, indeed, an excellent rigger in Sicily who could do the installation for you. He is Franco Catania (Francesco) and he has an excellent reputation working on many Gran Prix race boats throughout the Med. He fixed our broken stay which kept us going until we got the entire new rig from ACMO. I'd recommend him highly. He's located in the NE corner of Catania Harbor.  
    He could certainly fabricate the rigging himself, if that's what you choose, but it would be far better (and likely much less expensive) to simply have ACMO ship the material to you and have Franco install it.
Craig Briggs, SN#68, Sangaris

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