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Just to confirm your setup...

The sheet first comes aboard to a block clipped to the padeye on the toerail roughly 1 meter forward of the transom, then goes to a fairlead block clipped to the base of the stanchion that is just aft of them mizzen upper shrouds, then to the winch.

If we are on a passage of any length at all, we drop our outboard in the sternlocker, so that's not an issue for us, although I know some outboards are too big for this solution.  I can imagine a loose and flopping staysail sheet could snag the engine somehow.

We have never had trouble with the ladder on starboard tack.

As an aside, the traditional place to sheet a mizzen staysail on a ketch is the end of the mizzen boom.  It theoretically gives you a bit more flexibility in sail shape, especially getting it more open when going more downwind.  I tried in on my Amel, but didn't see enough benefit to make it worth the trouble.

Bill Kinney
SM#169 Harmonie
Salinas, PR

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When sailing with the mizzen staysail with wind in from starboard, we have no problem with the sheeting point.
But with the wind in from the port side, the sheet interferes both with the ladder outside the rail and with the outboard motor when stored on the rail. Does anyone have any good suggestion for how to arrange sheeting point on the starbiard side
Paul on SYKERPA SM # 295

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