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Had a similar problem on my  which cost me s new sail in a gale

In our case it was not over difficult to sort

The issue was the worm drive meshed to the motor was not properly engaged to the big bronze gear that rotates the foil

We took the sail off. Undid the forestry

Drilled out the rivets holding the assembly to the foil

Then took the gearbox to s specialist gear maker

He sent the worm drive to another company to skim then used a computer driven machine to make a new gear cog

It fits with the worm much better than the original

The new cog needs to be made with a hard bronze eg an alloy including aluminium I think

Could send pics if you want


John. Hayes

Nga Waka 

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Hi Chris,
A possible cause is the spring loaded pin that locates the pulley at the bottom of the foil to the gearbox. This can be lifted up to free the furler from the gearbox. It is possible for the spring to fail and the pin to lift on its own or for the locating hole to become worn and the pin to slip.
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Hi All,
I think I have a gearbox problem.  When I furl the genoa the motor turns & the sail furls a bit then stops, while the motor continues, then it catches for a bit & then stops again. Etc, etc.
Does anyone have any sketches or diagrams for pulling it apart?  Can anything be done without taking down the forestay?
Many thanks,
Chris Price
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