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Hugh Levins <hlevins@...>

Greetings Roger,

I confirm that Judy's response answered my question, as the question was intended. But, thank you for your considered response to the original post.

I am heartened that Judy, Ian, and Serge are satisfied with the yard's drains arrangement.

Judy, are you not able to achieve an (almost) empty bilge with the manual bilge pump?


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Hi Ian

I would agree with you and Judy if the original post was about what
you are suggesting, but I read it differently and was awaiting his

By the way, on my Mango, the sink and basins empty through the side,
above the water line, and only the shower goes into the sump by
gravity and is emptied by the bilge pump. I once gave consideration
to recycling and it was from that experience I responded; I realized
I am well off with the Mango arrangement, and could be more so with
yours as you get even more soap regularly neutralizing any bilge
greases. Not sure about food scraps from the sink though, sounds
disgusting and likely to clog the bilge pump; no wonder Judy reports
have to clean out the sump which i don't seem to need to do.

I really don't think it's in the spirit of a forum to browbeat other
respondents, which is likely to frighten them away (not me though, no
worries). Wish I'd had the same level of response when I requested
the section diameter of the forestay recently (twice).

Regards, Roger, Mango 28 Zorba

On 21/09/2007, at 4:28 PM, Ian Shepherd wrote:

> Hi Roger,
> I am afraid that I am also totally confused by your posts. You seem
> to be
> confusing two separate areas of marine operation. I too have a
> Super Maramu
> and have had no problems at all with the great water bilge
> arrangement. It's
> a blessing to have the shower water go to the grey water bilge by
> gravity
> rather than run noisy pump out motors. My only complaint about the
> system is
> that if you forget to operate the manual override switch before
> docking, it
> can pump out a full bilge when you are not expecting it and in full
> view of
> the marina. It would have been better to have an 'off' switch as well.
> Having spent much time travelling into Australia, I can understand
> the over
> reaction of the Australian Authorities. From what you say, throwing
> scraps
> of food over the side to feed the fish may also be a health hazard!
> Not in
> most parts of the world Mate!
> Cheers
> Ian SM 414 Crusader
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> From: Roger Banks
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> Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sink/Shower grey water
> Aggression I can do without, thanks, go jump down someone else's
> throat. Clearly you didn't read my post or spend a moment thinking
> about it.
> In Australia at least, recycling sink water containing any food is
> considered a health risk without treatment, so needs to be let go. So
> the question is whether to capture & recycle shower & basin water or
> not. Desalinators like to be run as much as possible (see earlier
> posts), thus giving fresh water for washing/showering. QED.
> Regards, Roger, Mango 28 Zorba
> On 21/09/2007, at 3:51 AM, Judy wrote:
> > I am totally confused by your response regarding grey water. Perhaps
> > the term needs to be defined. The only marine definition of grey
> > water that I am familiar with is the water run-off from the showers
> > and sinks in the head and the galley sink. Toilet water is termed
> > black water. At least those are the commonly used definitions of
> grey
> > water and black water in the marine industry in the US. In parts of
> > the Great Lakes, for example, release of any grey water is
> banned. In
> > all US waters the release of black water is banned.
> >
> > Please explain how using a desalinator avoids the sludge in the
> bilge.
> >
> > As to the original question, we have experienced no problems with
> grey
> > water going to the sump bilge on our Super Maramu. We have not used
> > nylon stockings or other secondary filtration methods. If not
> cleaned
> > frequently, the sump bilge will stink to high heaven. It must be
> > cleaned periodically. We have encountered no problems in function
> with
> > the sump bilge as designed by Amel. The original poster might
> want to
> > invest in a wet/dry vac to make cleaning this bilge an easy job.
> >
> > Judy
> > S/V BeBe
> > Amel SM2 #387
> >
> > --- In, Roger Banks
> <roger.banks@...>
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi Hugh
> > >
> > > I considered the subject but abandoned it when I recalled that
> grey
> > > water is used mainly to flush toilets and water gardens, the
> former
> > > being done with sea water and the latter hardly applies. Use a
> > > desalinator and avoid all that sludge in your bilges.
> > >
> > > Regards, Roger, Mango 28 Zorba
> >
> > >
> >
> >
> >

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