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eric freedman


Sounds like you have fuel]l\\ oil getting into your lubricating oil.

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We've been in a boatyard since Feb 15 for hull repairs.  We're going back in finally, tomorrow.  I was checking the engine room in preparation and found a very strange issue with the generator.


When I pulled the dipstick out to check oil level, oil came bubbling (almost gushing) out of the dipstick hole.  There's enough flow and pressure that I pulled it out again and it did the same thing, no hint that it was running out of oil.  It was fine when we arrived at the boatyard.


While we've been here, I found a leak in the fuel actuator and had it changed (expensive piece of gear!).  That's the only thing that's happened with the genny.


Any idea if the fuel actuator change-out could have caused the extra oil?  If not what could it be?


The only other fluids are fuel and coolant.  The coolant level hasn't changed.


The other odd thing was I noticed on several days that the generator exhaust was dripping while we've been on the hard.  I assumed it was condensation since it's been getting cool at night and the hot water heater keeps some warmth in the engine room.




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