Re: replacing headstay

Craig Briggs

Hello Miles,
If you search for postings with "Standing Rigging" or similar you'll get all the info you need (maybe even more!) Try starting with posting 7995, which is mine. Olivier also added good info to the discussion.
There are no seals where the forestay goes through the furler, but there is a two-piece delrin spacer you have to be careful not to lose. Let me know if you have any specific questions not covered in the postings.
Good luck with the project - it is really quite straightforward.  Tune everything rock hard then tune again after some sailing.
Cheers, Craig Briggs  SN#68 Sangaris

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Hello all,

I am  replacing my standing rigging with new rigging from ACMO.  Does anyone have pictures, diagrams, or detailed instructions for re[lacing the headstay?   Will I need any new seals for where the wire goes through the furler? 

Fair winds to all,

Miles  SM 214,  Ladybug

on the hard Newport, RI

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