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Judy Rouse


Yes, it is possible to achieve an almost empty bilge with the manual
bilge pump; but several times we have manually pumped the bilge too
dry, causing the pump to lose its prime. Not a big deal and easily
corrected by simply priming the pump, but not something Bill likes
dealing with. We do make certain the bilge is as empty as possible
and we add a cap full of bilge cleaner before setting out to sea.
This prevents any bilge smell from backing up through the aft shower
drain which can happen after a couple of days in rough seas if
attention is not paid to this in advance.

My only complaint with the arrangement is that, IMHO, one must be very
careful about not allowing any food to drain through the galley sink.
We have a stainless strainer with tiny diameter holes which we leave
in place at all times in the galley sink, just like we did in our land
home. Canned foods are never drained into the sink and food residue
on all dishes and pots are wiped with paper towels before washing.
Leftover milk in cereal bowls is flushed down the head; simple
cleaning routines such as this. No food is intentionally allowed down
the sink drain. Others we know living on the same model boat do not
take these precautions; they do drain canned food down the galley sink
with no ill effects to the bilge pump. I am probably over-doing this
but I don't want any food particles or residue to enter the bilge if
it can be avoided. The dead skin cells and soap residue that collect
in the bilge smell bad enough whenever we open up the bilge to clean
it; don't want to also add food into that mix. The white plastic
shower strainers in the heads are cleaned at least once per week to
remove any hair and soap build-up. Showers drain fine and there is no
smell in the heads.

Following these simple housecleaning tasks, the drain arrangement as
designed by Amel causes no problems whatsoever. And, as Ian pointed
out, we don't have to listen to (and maintain) additional pumps. We
like the Amel system and prefer it to the noisy shower pumps we had on
our previous boat.

FWIW, we completely empty and clean the bilge about once every six
months. A wet/dry van assists in this task. Not sure why we do this;
just like cleaning things I guess.

S/V BeBe
Amel SM2 #387

--- In, "Hugh Levins" <hlevins@...> wrote:

Judy, are you not able to achieve an (almost) empty bilge with the
manual bilge pump?


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