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I thought you originally said that it was freshwater in the engine and muffler.

I discussed this with Bob Rossi and his Dessalator Flush Valve was defective. He maintains that this defective valve allowed the freshwater and saltwater systems to merge and when the freshwater system pressurized, the water flowed through the saltwater path to the Onan, filling the muffler and backing into the engine.

Although this is technically plausible, I wonder why the water took that path when there was a clear and lower pathway through the AC water system? Also, I wonder why neither of you noticed the pump cycle on/off on freshwater system with no use of the system?

A suggestion: Test for salinity using the TDS meter I am sure that you have because it will be much more reliable than taste. 

Good luck and another great example of the value of this Group.


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Thanks for all the replies.  First, the water heater isn't connected to the genny.  There has never been excessive cranking of the genny, it starts almost on the first crank, every time.  The mechanic was convinced the water in the engine was fresh water.  We drained the muffler and he tasted salty water there.

I had an email from one of the fellows here and he had a similiar situation that may be my problem.  His flush valve for the watermaker had a slow leak AND he had the seachest thru-hull valve closed.  Since the flush valve was slowly leaking it eventually pressurizes the seachest and then the seawater system, which includes the genny.  He noted the genny is lower and will fill first.

The Yanmar appears to be fine, the oil level is below the high mark and doesn't appear murky.  I'm going to change the oil there anyway to be sure there isn't water in it.

This has the benefit of explaining the freshwater in the engine.  I wonder why I don't have water coming out the airconditioning thru-hull though.  Maybe it can't get past the pumps impeller?

This makes a lot of sense to me, what do all of you think?  

One take-away here, don't leave the seachest  valve closed when you haul-out, if you're going to use the freshwater pump.  During our last haul-out it was left open.

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