Amel 54 with a Yanmar

sailormon <kimberlite@...>

I went  to La Rochelle prior to the announcement of the 54..on my insistence, Amel would have been able  to change my engine  to  Yanmar since it was still legal for another year in the USA.


I actually sailed the prototype and was sworn to secrecy since they had not announced the 54 and were still delivering the 53’s. I would only have to pay the submission to the CE approval bureau and the architects plus any additional modifications for a Yanmar . I had hull #12 on order ( my lucky number) however perceived health issues made me cancel my order, DAMN”

The boat was hidden on the opposite side of the harbor , Jean-Jack, Joel , Olivier and I  took it out for a sail.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376

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