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Craig Briggs

Hi Paul,

We bought ours in 2010. 
Some time ago Gary Silver posted his Super Maramu invoice from March, 2014 and it was virtually the same as yours at 7947 plus 780 for shipping (to where I don't know) for a total of 8286.

We did save some 1000€ by specifying standard right handed turnbuckles rather than the Amel original spec of left handed ones.  I don't know if Gary did that too, but you probably do on your quote. 

The difference may not be unreasonable, though, if you consider the Santorin has 6, 7, 8 and 10 mm stays versus the Super Maramu's 7,8,10 & 12mm with proportionally sized turnbuckles, plus it being 7 years ago. 

Good grief, 7 years puts me about half way to having to do it again!  I may have to have Katherine do the work aloft this time while I push the button on the windlass.

Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN68, Sangaris, Ft Pierce, Fl

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Craig and Katherine,

How long ago did you obtain your rigging from ACMO?  I just received a quote from them for a Super Maramu for 7954 € without shipping.

I realize a SM would be somewhat more expensive than a Santorin, but I had read a number of times that the number was closer to 5000 €.

Has anyone else received a quote recently from ACMO?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Paul Stascavage
SM #466 - s/v Rita Kathryn
Saint Lucia

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