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Where you are located you have another option. For about 10,000€, including labor, you can sail over to Martinique and have the rigger that Amel recommends do a turn-key job. Gaëtan Rivet>. His mobile phone is 596 (0) 696 419 045. I used him to replace a short shroud on the mainmast that was suspicious looking at the top swage. Everyone else I know that used him, was satisfied with the re-rigging. Because of his location, he may have more Amel experience than most.


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Thank you for your response and the information.

I asked them about the right-hand/left-hand turnbuckle thing, and they stated that it would be the same regardless. 

Maybe there was a shortage of left-hand turnbuckles back in 2010?

Thanks again and all the best,

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