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One of the things I had on my list to add to BeBe, but failed to get to, was two add two LED pilot lights near the B&G Boat Speed Gauge. A Blue one for fresh water pump and a red one for gray water bilge pump. It would be a simple job to do.


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This discussion of an extra carbon filter between the fresh water pump and the water maker flush reminds me of an incident on my SM last summer.  On an overnight cruise, my wife noticed the bilge pump was on when she went to the head and was also on when she returned.  She checked the bilge pump counter (Aqualarm Bilge Pump Cycle Counter, thanks for the recommendation Eric!) and it revealed there had been many bilge cycles.  I looked in the engine room and found that the 10 inch filter cartridge housing had split and fresh water was gushing out.  This was not the Amel/Dessalator housing supplied with the watermaker but one that I had added.  I lost one-half a tank of fresh water.  

The housing was about 6 years old and either had a defective weakness since manufacture, or the heat of the engine room caused it to weaken.  I am replacing it with a Pentek 158319 1/2" #10 High Temperature Slim Line Black Housing tha t is rated for 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  Standard housings are made from styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) and are rated for 125 degrees.  That gets close to engine room temperatures when the ambient temperature is high.

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