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I am looking for information on who to contact to acquirer the Impeller
Puller Tool shown in the photo section. Thankyou
My name is Gary Silver and I live in Farmington, Utah, USA (Just north of
Salt Lake City). That puller tool was my idea, fabricated after lots of
cussing and skinned knuckles while lying across the top of the engine.

I am making a few more this week for a couple of folks who have
requested them. The cost is $35.00 USD plus shipping. Shipping to
places outside the USA tends to cost more than the tool but I have shipped
to Europe for a couple of folks. Drop me an email at AgCEagle AT Comcast DOT
net (AT = @ and DOT = . ) and I will put you on the list for one if
you desire.

Regards, Gary Silver Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335 "Liahona"

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