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I assume that you have ruled out New Zealand for Cyclone Season? If not, you will probably find New Zealand to be about 2/3rds the price of Australia on most everything.

We loved Gulf Harbour in New Zealand and hauled out there for maintenance. We were in the water there for 5 months, bought a used car and toured North and South Island.

We did stay at Cairns Marlin Marina in Carina and it was OK in the water. When we arrived in Australia from New Caledonia, we made landfall at Mackay and stayed in the water for about a month at Mackay Marina Village & was also OK.


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First thank you to all members for this awesome forum.

I just achieved a passage from Panama to Raiatea and I plan to haul out the boat in Cairns at the next September for 7/8 months.

I see that there are many shipyards in the area and I would like if one of you is able to provide some insights or experience report in order to help me to make a decison

Thanks a lot and kind regards.


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