Re: Reefing procedure

Ian Park

We had little knowledge when we got our Santorin 3 years ago. First of all it would be very hard to jam the sails in the masts, they are a very well designed unit.
We just ease the main sheet and operate the out haul and furler just keeping sufficient tension for a neat furl. You will be able to tell if the motors are under duress as they will work both more slowly and a little louder! The mizzen you will find is straight forward using the same slackening of the sheet.
The Santorin shares many systems of the Super Maramu, but being a bit smaller the Santorin is nicely over engineered!
Just beware the Genoa furling motor. It is very powerful. Keep an eye on your ballooner halliards. If you don't ensure they are routed properly away from the forestay when not in use they can snarl things up and bend one or both the stainless bars that stick out on the top furler drum. I learnt the hard way!
I have managed to furl the main on a dead run in a strong wind in an emergency.
Not having sailed a ketch before I had to experiment with different ways of reefing. It's worth trying reeling the main first - the boat sails fine on genny and mizzen in a blow on a reach.
I look forward to other folks advice here.
Great boats, wouldn't swap!


Ocean Hobo SN96

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