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Got left in the same when I brought mine in august last year

Yep managed to jam the sails in a few times but not insolvable .......  lots of practice and make sure your heading into wind when you furl in 

You might also want to go over furler gear boxes and motors to make sure all in good shape. Not doing that cost me a newheadsail when the furler stopped in a 50 knot blow and I had not properly understood how to rig the back up manual system!

A 1500 mile shake down cruise sorted out how to work the systems. Worth also taking the seawater engine cooling pump off the motor and checking the drive spline for wear as on the Perkins if you have one. Seems the pump requires more power than the spline provides and is subject to wear

Nga Waka 

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 This is a more procedural than technical inquiry.  We'll be getting to know our new/old Santorin sloop Liesse SN6 next month and the deal did not provide any seller tutelage on the boat systems unfortunately.  My familiarity with reefing is primarily full battened slab.  I am anxious to avoid either jamming the sail in mast slot or over stressing the motors.  Are there any Amel specific precepts/techniques one should know about, particularly when reefing in building wind conditions to avoid these unpleasant/dangerous potential events. Thanks to everyone for so generously sharing your expertise. 

 (Also congratulations James on your purchase of the Maramu, ex Bon Edda, you will just love how quiet that engine is!)

 Best regards,   Dave  s/v Liesse   SN6

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