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Dan Carlson

Hi Steve,  we have a 3D UL310 dinghy with a 10hp Honda.  Dinghy is lightweight and stable. Handles 4 people and baggage. Engine is reliable but 4-cycle heavy.  It can plane with 2 but not with more.
Engine goes on external mount on starboard rail.  (Does not fit in the lazarette)  The dinghy goes on the forward or aft deck depending on where we want it. (Weight forward, but obstructed view. Or obstruction and weight on the aft cabin) We do not want it hanging on the arch as we already have enough weight back there.

We towed the dinghy some in the BVI, but in addition to the lanyard we attach a safety cable.  The VI is known for short distance and calm seas, but the ferry boats come fast and close. One almost flipped our dinghy when it zoomed by very close in a narrow channel.

Some nights we leave it attached behind the boat, other nights we hoist it alongside with the extra mizzen halyard.  We hoist when the wind is too light and we don't want it bumping in the night, or when the wind is strong and we dont want it tugging and chafing, or when we are concerned with security.  We like to  use the mizzen halyard with the electric winch vs the main halyard with manual winch on the mast.

Watch for chafe on the painter line at the bow of the dinghy. Particularly if you tow alot or leave it behind the boat at night .  We also briefly lost the dinghy towing it from one anchorage to another in the Saintes  (we only had the painter cleated at the stearn and it somehow came loose. Kind Danish folks caught it for us as we turned back to retrieve it.)

I hope that helps.

Dan and Lori Carlson 
sv BeBe, SM#387

On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 6:15 PM, steve_morrison@... [amelyachtowners]

When we bought SM380 this fall, it was in need of a new dinghy, and as we prepare to move aboard in mid June, the time has come to make some decisions.  We are a family of four (girls 8&10) and plan to spend at least the next season in the Caribbean if not two seasons there before pushing through into the Pacific.  Riza promises that our aft arch will ship soon and so we will have aft davits onto which to pull up in the evenings at anchor.  I am looking at the AB Lamina series 10AL or 10UL.  

My question is this - what are some of you using?  How big, how small, and how heavy.  Also, where do you stow it underway, and how - in a cradle, upside down, deflated...?  What are some of your experiences and what do you think are the most important considerations.  

Thanks for your time,

Steve Morrison

SM 380 TouRai

Brunswick, Georgia

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