Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Electrical doubts on Santorin

Siviero Attilio <attilio.siviero@...>

Hi Stefania,

I also own a Santorin since 2009, #84-1993, now in Didim-Turkey.

Tuttavia posso se vuoi spiegarti telefonicamente la cosa delle batterie, anche in Italiano, se mi chiami allo 348 2330185 :-)

Sorry for the Italian digression

Attilio & Maria Siviero 
Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"

Il giorno 19 apr 2017, alle ore 18:30, Stefania Dente ste.dente@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> ha scritto:

Hello everybody! I'm a ( quite) new owner of a Santorini. I follow the groups every day because I know I have a lot to learn about my boat...
May be someone can explain what happens to me: when I have the battery off ( I mean: the two levers that connect the battery are in off-position), something on board is still working : lights, fridge and bow thruster up-down . The furling motors and the windlass don't work. What can I do to understand why it happens?
Any suggestion would be very appreciated!

Stefania SN#93 Italy - Bocca di Magra

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