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Thanks for your thoughts.

True a pair of right angle needle nose will work, (although those pictured
are too long for clearance between the fuel tank and the pump cavity on
my boat). The problem is getting a good grip with needle nose (due to the
taper of the blades and the flex of the thin tapered blades), they do not
lock in place, and in my hands they always seem to slip. I am not in the
tool manufacturing business except as an aid to my fellow cruisers, but
if I were then here are the features of my tool that I really like:
1. They are based on Vice Grip Pliers and thus are adjustable and lock over
center with a vice like grip.
2. The blades are thick, non-bendable, and parallel for excellent grip.
3. The blades have large serrations to grip the rubber of the impeller
hub with less likelyhood of slipping.
4. The blades are at right angles to the Vice Grip handle and the
handles are short (approx 6 inches) so they have good clearance with
the fuel tank.
5. Since they lock in place you can even hammer on the pliers (best
done with a plastic faced hammer) to break a stubborn impeller free.

There is nothing magical about this tool. It is just something I dreamed
up based on similar tool that I purchased years ago for joggeling
aircraft sheet metal edges.

Kind regards,

Gary Silver

"Mike Ondra" <mdondra@...> wrote:

All you really need is a large right angle needle nose pliers. Many types
and sizes available looking something like this.

58> 11in. 90 Degree Needle Nose Pliers

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