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Craig Briggs

Or EUPLOIA could be "E U People Living On Incredible Amel"
Good luck with your wire hunt!  Let us know what you find. 
Enjoy your Amel!  

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Hi Craig,
thanks for your prompt answer. I will check the circuits and hope to find out the problem and solve the "mistery ". The name of my Santorini is quite strange ( I changed the previous one): she is called EUPLOIA ( greek origin: it means Good Navigation).
Thanks again

Stefania -Euploia-SN#93 ste.dente@...

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Ciao Attilio and Stefania,

Before you two run off for a secret talk in Italian :-) I am wondering about the two levers that connect the battery.  We have a single switch that I believe was original Amel. It has four posts (double pole) and switches both the + and - battery cables with a Single Throw (hence DPST). There is only one circuit that bypasses the switch and it goes to the + and - terminals marked "Permanent" behind the chart table, to power the VHF. (The SM is similar but slightly different.)
It sounds like a prior owner of SN#93 may have modified the wiring, perhaps changing to two switches, one for + and one for - but that is only a guess. However, if your bow thruster up-down, refrigerator and lights are still working after supposedly switching the battery off something is quite different than original.  You will simply have to trace the circuits to figure it out.
Cheers (and ciao), Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris.
PS. What is the name of SN#93?

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Hi Stefania,

I also own a Santorin since 2009, #84-1993, now in Didim-Turkey.

Tuttavia posso se vuoi spiegarti telefonicamente la cosa delle batterie, anche in Italiano, se mi chiami allo 348 2330185 :-)

Sorry for the Italian digression

Attilio & Maria Siviero 
Amel Santorin#84 "Sisila"

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Hello everybody! I'm a ( quite) new owner of a Santorini. I follow the groups every day because I know I have a lot to learn about my boat...
May be someone can explain what happens to me: when I have the battery off ( I mean: the two levers that connect the battery are in off-position), something on board is still working : lights, fridge and bow thruster up-down . The furling motors and the windlass don't work. What can I do to understand why it happens?
Any suggestion would be very appreciated!

Stefania SN#93 Italy - Bocca di Magra

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