Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Yamaha outboard in SM Stern locker

Stephen Davis

Hi Bill,

Is the leisure model a 4 stroke? If so, I have a friend with the 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke, and it fits in the aft locker with no problems. We have the 15 Yamaha 2 stroke, and it fits as well. We love our 15 Yamaha, and the extra hp comes in handy. We can easily plane with 3, and it can get my wife and I with our dive gear off to a remote site on a plane as well. My friend with the 9.9 four stroke has to work to get he and I up on the plane, but it eventually gets there. You can get the 15 Enduro at the Yamaha dealer in St Maarten for about $2500. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM72
St Maarten 

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While we are in the Caribbean we will be looking at replacing/upgrading our venerable 8HP 2-stroke Yamaha dinghy engine.  We love her to death, but she is getting a bit long in the tooth.

There are two different lines of 2-stroke engines available from Yamaha, the "Leisure" model, and the "Enduro".  The obvious external difference is that the "Leisure" model has the shift lever forward on the tiller arm.

Does anybody know if either (or both!) of these engines in the 9.9HP size fit into the Super Maramu stern locker?

Bill Kinney

SM160 Harmonie

Culebra, PR

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