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Thanks Bill.  I'm not ready to redue the decks yet but was interested in the product because a friend had used it and was happy.  


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Hi Bob,

I have used KiwiGrip, not on an Amel, but on boats in a charter fleet.  It is not really a rubber product, but rather a thick, hard-curing, latex.  It has no give as you might think rubber would.

I have mixed thoughts...

When it is new it is a GREAT nonskid.  Almost too aggressive for bare skin.


It is REALLY tough to get a good, consistent-looking, texture.  My crew and I did the decks of three J-24s before we had enough practice that we really were happy with the way it looked.

I was unhappy with the longevity.  We had material peeling off within a year.  Even material that wasn't peeling had worn to the point that it wasn't as nice a nonskid surface anymore.  Remember, these were charter boats in almost daily use.

After doing a few boats with KiwiGrip, we switched to Durabak, and found it a better solution, but still not totally happy with lifespan.

With any of these products, surface preparation is crucial to success.  Do it EXACTLY as the manufacturer says, or you will be very unhappy with the result.

If you REALLY need to resurface a deck the best product in my experience is the glue-down sheets of Treadmaster.  It's not cheap, and takes care to do a neat job on installation.  Installation doesn't take practice, just good worksmanship to look good. It lasts forever, and is a great non-skid texture.  In an off-white color it give a reasonable deck temperature in the sun.  It has a bit of a "workboat" like look, that is not to everyone's taste, but it works great.

Bill Kinney
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Has anyone used a product called "Kiwi Grip on their decks?    A previous owner on our 1985 Maramu  painted the outer decks (not cabin top) and it gets very hot in the tropics.  Huge difference between the temp of the cabin top and the outer decks.  Kiwi grip is a rubber based product that a friend used on his older boat and it looked and felt very good.

S/V Chara

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