Chart Plotter - Radar Display Position and also Helm Lock


Thought I would post these pictures and ideas.

We wanted to place our 12" Garmin plotter/radar in a position where it would not obstruct instruments or a view of the deck and water.  We also wanted it close enough to push buttons while comfortably seated at the helm and be as close as possible for viewing.

We were able to achieve this by moving the angled box that holds the autopilot.  This is very easy to do.  Remove the 2 bolts, make sure your connecting wires are free (ours were), slide the box toward the helm bulkhead, drill new holes and refasten the box.  The box itself covers the old mounting holes, so you can just silicone them.  Caulk/bed (thin) where the box meets the dash.  There is still easy access to the connections at the back of the autopilot from inside.

Make sure you leave enough space  to take your autopilot cover on and off.  This will also leave a run-off gap for any water that may find its way to your dash--see photos.

The brace can be mounted behind the  box and angled to match the autopilot with a gap to allow the plotter to be tilted and space to snap the cover on.

No more leaning to push plotter buttons, no visual obstruction to instruments or water. And it looks like it should be there!   See link to pictures below.

Previously there were some postings about helm locks.  Our boat has an Amel installed lock (its on the original invoice).  Note that they turned the leather around to grip the wheel and the ubiquitous black Amel knob--pure classic Amel concoction.

Click on first pic to thumb through larger pics.  Should be self explanatory Remember that is a 12" display! --

Bob, KAIMI SM 429


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