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Veneer at 1/8" is 3mm and is about as thick as it gets. Veneer comes thicknesses beginning at about 0.5mm...see the attached chart for inch comparisons. You are probably going to have to contact some veneer suppliers online to find what you want and need. When I was in furniture manufacturing we produced a line of furniture that featured olive burl veneer cut into about 6"X8" squares. The effect was really quite remarkable. See the attached.

I thought about doing something like this if I ever had to replace the companionway veneer. I would pick a veneer and have it cut into tiles to apply to the companionway. Even if I used teak, I could run the grain horizontal on 1 piece then next to it run vertical and alternate all of the pieces. This would make it easy to veneer the door in place.

But, first you have to find the veneer. If you could find a furniture manufacturer without going to China, they will have lots of scrap you could use.


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