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I have to disagree with Bill Rouse here.

I have dealt with a lot of different boats, and the Amel non-skid deck is absolutely one of the best out there.  It is easy on bare skin, but is amazingly sticky wet or dry with bare feet or shoes.  It is as good a non-skid as a "real" teak deck without the long and short term maintenance problems.  

That great performance absolutely does not come from the height difference between the faux boards and faux caulk.  It comes from the fine texture molded into the faux boards simulating real teak lumber. If you sand that texture off, and paint it smooth--you WILL end up with an ice skating rink for a deck.  If shallow 1/4 inch grooves were all it took to make a good non-skid deck there would not be so many dangerously slippery decks on boats out there.

If there is deck damage that can not be locally patched, and sanding and painting the whole deck is where you have to go, you will need to do something other than just apply smooth paint if you do not want to slide around on your deck.

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I think that the non-slip surface on an Amel comes from the difference in surface height between the faux teak boards and the faux caulk. 

Those faux teak boards are gelcoat that was applied "too thick" to achieve the look and function. The difference in height is probably 1mm.

I believe that if you took the faux teak boards down 0.5mm, you would lose most of the cracking, then Option 3:
  1. Sand everything thoroughly
  2. Use Awlgrip cream color to paint the faux boards and faux caulking. 
  3. Use 1/4" masking tape to cover the faux caulk, 
  4. Then have Awlgrip mixed to match the color of teak and paint the faux teak boards. 
  5. Remove the masking and you have faux teak boards, caulked with cream color faux caulk. 

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