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I don't recall this being discussed on the forum before.

I purchased the overhaul kit that includes the bearings, seals and
the special wrench from AB Marine last year. It does not include
the small lubricating hole plug screws or their o-rings. The cost
for that kit, the wrench, a half dozen screws and o-rings was
$507 USD. (A bit on the expensive side I thought.)

I haven't done the job yet so I can't comment how hard it is or the
before and after results. I was planning on doing it just as routine
preventative maintenance as I hit the 600 hour mark.


Gary Amel SM 2000 Hull # 335

with the intent of doing the overhau --- In amelyachtowners@...,
galacsea2000 <no_reply@...> wrote:

I may be asking questions that have already been addressed but the
search engine is not working. Has any one replaced the bearings on the
SM2000 Autoprop? How difficult is it? Did you noticed a clear
improvement after (vibration, noise, performance..) ? How many hours
did you go before relacing the bearings?
Any help will be appreciated.
JP on GalacSea Hull #289

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