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Patrick McAneny

Eric , I am not planning to go to that much work, I see no reason to. You can raise the door further than it would ever be raised normally and you should be able to cut it over sized port to starboard , bow it out , and if thin enough slide it between the door and sides. I was having trouble finding very thin veneer , but the two Bills just posted that I need to look  at furniture suppliers or woodworkers supply. 

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I have replaced the veneer on Kimberlite without removing the dodger,
Please write me a mote in a week and I will send photos.
Cant do it from here
sm376 Kimberlite

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> I would like to apply a teak veneer on my door , 1/8 " is as
> thin as I have found . I would need to take off the outer layer
> of the door which appears to be about 1/8 " to make room for the
> new veneer. In a couple of places it is separating . Has anyone
> taken the outer layer off ? I have also thought about applying a
> formica product on it , may be room for that. I would paint it
> again , but the wood has cracks in it and would not look good. Thanks,
> Pat SM#123

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