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David Pawley

Further to John comment above, he referred to Yacht Squadron, ie Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron (CCYS), I don't have a Amel much to my regret, but I was on the hardstand for 2 weeks last July. The services in the area are good and in walking distance, the facilities are basic. My Fore stay had to be removed due to travel lift limitations. Most people I saw did there own work. I was much pleased with suppliers and services.

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I did look at the facilities in Mackay and they seemed OK to me. There seemed to be plenty of support subcontractors at the yard. I did not look at the facilities in Cairns.


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Thank you Bill for your support fast answer. 

My plan is the fastest transit to Darwin and Indian ocean, that's the reason why I would like to haul her out in Cairns. 
Did you check or evaluate the shipyards with on shore storage (Cairns or Mackay) ? or do you advise me against hauling out there ?

Thanks a lot and kind regards.


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