Craig Briggs

Hi Eric, 
I've done two of these, mine and another SN, that were absolutely frozen like yours. 
In both cases all the usual steps failed, from soaking for days in lubricant, heat, cold and hammering. Even broke a custom wheel puller fabricated from plate steel. 
Finally got them off using a hand sledge hammer and a cold chisel in the (very) small space between the sleeve and the steel ring on the "C" drive shaft. After an hour or so, maybe two, when I was about to give up, it finally moved just a fraction. Just kept at it and it never really moved more easily, just a fraction at a time. As the gap got wider I switched chisels and added spacers as needed. Damn thing fought me all the way.
When you get it off you might want to remove the ring, which covers the upper lip seal, and replace the seal. 
Before reassembling, I did take a thousandth or so off the shaft with sandpaper and greased it. Can now take the coupling off by hand.
Good luck with it.
 Craig  SN68 Sangaris

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I have a 4

JH3HTE Yanmar on Kimberlite. I lifted the engine to change the engine mounts and cut the bolts holding the Vetus coupling together with the "C" drive and transmission.

Everything came apart easily. Unfortunately the

Amel modified  Vetus sleeve that has the keyway cut into it and the 4 rubber donuts will not come off the shaft of the "C" drive.

I have tried everything I can think of and the sleeve will not move. The engine is ready for a new coupling and mounts as soon as I can get this sleeve off. ANY IDEAS?


Fair Winds,


SM 376 Kimberlite

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