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Duane. I had these very same codes and my generator often shut down within the first two minutes of running. I had Cummings come out and look it over and it turned out to be the exhaust sensor. A little fumbling with the wires and it has run smooth ever since. I did order a spare sensor to have on hand but the Cummings service guy said I could also just connect the wires directly and bypass the sensor as a fix if needed as in his opinion, so long as water was running through, which has its own sensor, the exhaust cannot get hot enough to be a problem.

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The generator has my attention...again.

This morning it shut down with a "3" fault code, which the manual said requires service by trained personell.  I then read there is a second level code accessed by pressing the STOP once.  I got the "58" fault code, "High Exhaust Temperature".

I checked:
-Impeller: it's all there, no apparent damage.  Although strangely one of the vanes was bent the wrong way at the "pump side".
-Coolant or raw water leaks: none apparent.
-Coolant level: unchanged in the surge tank.
-Temperature of the water in the muffler: it was surprisingly at room temperature???
-Seachest for blockage: it was clear.
-Exhaust elbow: not particularly hot (water didn't sizzle).

I tried to let it cool down and restart it so that I could get a temperature on the exhaust elbow.  It would start, but would not run for more than a few seconds, and then flashed the same fault code.

About eight months ago I had a "High Engine Temperature" and found that the exhaust elbow waterjacket had a hole in it, and the heat exchanger would not hold pressure.  I replaced them both and haven't had a problem with high temp's again until now.

I did check that water was being ejected in the exhaust immediately after starting and it was normal.  I'm perplexed, what could be the problem?

Could this be a result of the freshwater leak into the generator from the watermaker flush valve?

Wanderer, SM#477

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