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Jean Boucharlat

To Jay Waganon


You are using this group as a marketing tool.

This is not acceptable.


Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232


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Hi All,


I am an Amel owner and Broker. I recently had the wonderful experience of listing and quickly selling a bristol condition 2002 SM. We were under contract in 5 days after the listing went fully live. A pivotal part of the sale was the condition of the boat, and the owners knowledge and willingness to have a smooth transaction through training the buyer. My brokerage is also the largest in the world and we have more buyers than boats. I am now in the position of having a lot of potential Amel buyers who were backups for that sale. 


I love these boats. If you are interested in selling, I have eager buyers. Email me at jayw@... if you are ready to sell. I am not trying to use our owners group as a marketing tool but it is rare to have so many people wanting to join our community. 


Fair winds and following seas.

Jay Wagamon


PS - I am also looking for a dinghy davit if anyone has one for sale

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